Two for one

Sorry about the lack of a blog post yesterday!

This post we be a recap of our Sunday and Monday here in Costa Rica!

Our Sunday started off with church! We went to the church that Victor, Nichol and Keila attend and it was such a sweet experience. While not too many of the team members speak Spanish, the worship team did 2 songs we were familiar with so it was cool to hear the songs sung in a different language.


Following church and lunch, we headed back to church and went to the park for some evangelism!

We headed out in groups to invite people to hear some music, watch a skit, and have their nails painted or get animal balloons!

After we had invited people over, Miss Becky and her sidekick Cosmo did a few tricks for the kids. Hunter, Danielle and Sara sang a worship song in Spanish and then Danielle led our drama team in a short skit.

It started to rain, so we weren’t out at the park as long as we had thought we would be, but we headed back to church and had a sweet time of worship with our team and some of the people from the church!

Some of our sweetest times together have been on the bus!


Monday was a free day for us and we headed off to La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. It was absolutely incredible to see such beauty. La Paz is located in the rainforest and is kind of like a small zoo that has walking paths to waterfalls.

We saw large predatory cats, butterflies, birds, snakes, monkeys, frogs and sloths!


Its crazy to think that tomorrow is our last day here in Costa Rica! We are having a day of worship and reflection. We will also be baptizing Roy, our bus driver, and his wife, Laura! Our whole team is super excited about this!

Thanks for following our trip! We can’t wait to be home and tell you all about how God moved in and through us!

Saturday morning saw our team head to a place called Anonos, where we got to minister to a sweet group of kids and some of their moms. One of the things that we have done each place we’ve gone is take lunches for the people. Every group has been so appreciative of these lunches!


With the kids, we played games, painted nails, did coloring sheets and crafts. Miss Becky also led a time of interaction using her puppet, Cosmo. The kids really seem to enjoy this and are really engaged. Our team also performed a short drama for the kids which then allowed us to share the gospel with them. One last thing that our team did was create animal balloons which were a huge hit with the kids!

Yesterday afternoon we got to do a little souvenir shopping and then came back to the hotel for dinner. It was Yvette’s birthday, so we threw her a little party which she was both surprised and blessed by! We finished out our night with some worship and a great devotional by Madison on anxiety.

Today we are off to church and then going to do some park evangelism!

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

God knows

Friday was such an impactful day of ministry for our team! We went up to the mountains to minister to a group of kids and single moms. These kids live in poverty, worse than what we saw on Thursday. There is no hot water in this area and very little electricity. It was truly heartbreaking to see how these people were living, yet so incredible to see how much joy these children have.

The little things made them so happy and people on the team were so impacted by that. We live with such excess and to see how these children were happy to just run around, play soccer, eat some candy and cupcakes was a real breath of fresh air.

Both our bus driver and a couple other people said that even the Costa Rican people don’t travel to this area of the country. It reminded us that even though people don’t know or care about these people and their conditions, the Lord knows them and loves them. It was so special to be able to play with them and love on them. We threw a birthday party that included a pinata and some cupcakes which was a hit! One of the things that we also did while we were there was put up some dry wall and paint the dry wall for a building (a room that isn’t very big) for a church!

Following our time in the mountains we came back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. As we came back to our bus, Victor had some amazing news for our team. Our bus driver, Roy, who has been driving us around every day since we have arrived, prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Our team was overjoyed and all expressed how happy we were for him as we loaded the bus. At dinner, we got Roy a piece of cake for dessert to celebrate his spiritual birthday! It turns out that Roy wasn’t even supposed to be our bus driver, but God had this perfect plan in place for Roy and for our team. Praise God, what a special day of ministry it was for Mission Costa Rica!

Here is a picture of our new brother in Christ!


We are leaving the hotel shortly to go minister to more kids in a different slum. We are expecting anywhere from 70-100 kids today! Praying that the Lord would continue to move powerfully in and through our team, all for His glory!

A trip to the slums

Today was an eye opening day for all of Mission Team Costa Rica. We were blessed with the opportunity to go to the slums and minister to children, teens, and parents!

We kicked off the morning with the kids and had a blast doing worship with them, playing out a skit, doing crafts and just sharing the love of Jesus with each of these precious little children! To see how much fun these kids had, with their surroundings being what they were was something that made people just that much more thankful for all the things that we have, in abundance.

The afternoon was our time to minister to the youth. We found ourselves playing soccer with them and quickly realized how over-matched we were. It was still a ton of fun, and it was a great way to break the ice! While some of the team played soccer, other team members did manicures for the girls!

It’s been so sweet to see how the Lord has been using each person’s gifting on the trip in all different areas of ministry.

After soccer and manicures, the teens did some crafts that was followed by Madi and Jonny sharing their testimony with the youth. It was so great to see our high school students share their love for Jesus to their peers!

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, but is worthy of mentioning is the food. Victor and Nichol have been taking us to some AMAZING places to eat :)

Following another spectacular dinner tonight, we came back to our hotel and spent a little time in worship and hearing a devo from Mario Corona!


Tomorrow we are off to an area in the mountains to work with a pastor there who does lots of ministry to kids with single moms. We will be throwing a birthday party and also helping around the church doing some cleaning and painting.

With our love,

Team Mission Costa Rica

Ministering to the Disabled

Sorry for the late post! Yesterday our team had the blessing of ministering to disabled adults. We went to a place called AIPED and got to sing songs, do crafts, do animal balloons and just love on the people there. We also sanded and painted some of the metal gates and bars that protect the windows.

It was such a fun time as they were so happy to hang out with us and laugh and sing. The people there sang us a few songs as a thank you, and that was such a sweet moment. One of the highlights for the people we ministered to was the pizza lunch that we got to serve them! They loved the pizza!

Every single person on our team was touched by the joy these people had. It was so infectious and being able to spend time with them gave the team such a great perspective on life!

Following our time at AIPED, Victor took us to a coffee plantation where our team was able to try, and buy, coffee. It was really cool to see the different stages of the coffee bean and how it is processed before it is available for purchase.

After a wonderful dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, we came back and had a time of worship and a devotional. Being able to spend time in God’s word together has been so sweet and very much needed for our team! Following that, we prepped 100 sandwiches and our crafts and materials for our outreach today! We are off to the slums to minister to about 100 kids and youth. Pray for us and for God to move in mighty ways.

All for His glory!

Mission Costa Rica Team

Hard at Work

Today, our team had the blessing of working at the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base in Heredia. It was such an awesome day as we were able to help in a variety of ways. Some people scraped rust off of roofs before painting them. Others dug trenches, moved rocks and gravel as they prepared the foundation for draining ditches. Some of the team did landscaping, including the removal of trees and trimming. A few others helping weed in the garden.

We were blessed with really good weather, cool and cloudy with a nice breeze most of the time!

It was definitely a long day of hard work, but such a blessing to come along side of this ministry as they equip people to send out on to the mission field.

One of the biggest compliments was given by one of the YWAM people who commented on how hard working our team was and how they didn’t need to be pushed to work. What a testament that is to the team and their heart to serve the Lord in any capacity!

Below are some pictures from our day on the YWAM ranch :)

Tomorrow we will be heading to minister to some adults with disabilities! Pray for us as some of the team members will be sore from all of the labor today :)

Good night from Costa Rica!

We Have Arrived

Our team left LAX last night at 10:00 PM and after a couple hour layover in Panama City, we arrived in Costa Rica! We were greeted by the Mejia family with a precious sign, and Keila was so happy to see everyone!


We managed to get all of our luggage loaded on the bus :) This bus will be transporting our team all week to our different areas of ministry.


The team got checked in to the hotel, had lunch, and then had an orientation with the Mejia’s. We got to hear about the work the Lord is doing through the School of Ministry down here and also a glimpse in to the different ministry opportunities that we will have this coming week.

Following that, everyone got some much needed time to unpack and rest (some took LONG naps)!

Tonight we had dinner here at the hotel and then had a time of worship and a devotional. Each night after dinner we will have worship, a devo and info about the next day.

Some greenery around the hotel

Some greenery around the hotel


Tomorrow we will head out to a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) base for a work day. We will be painting and digging and getting our hands dirty.

Thanks for all of your love and prayers!