A trip to the slums

Today was an eye opening day for all of Mission Team Costa Rica. We were blessed with the opportunity to go to the slums and minister to children, teens, and parents!

We kicked off the morning with the kids and had a blast doing worship with them, playing out a skit, doing crafts and just sharing the love of Jesus with each of these precious little children! To see how much fun these kids had, with their surroundings being what they were was something that made people just that much more thankful for all the things that we have, in abundance.

The afternoon was our time to minister to the youth. We found ourselves playing soccer with them and quickly realized how over-matched we were. It was still a ton of fun, and it was a great way to break the ice! While some of the team played soccer, other team members did manicures for the girls!

It’s been so sweet to see how the Lord has been using each person’s gifting on the trip in all different areas of ministry.

After soccer and manicures, the teens did some crafts that was followed by Madi and Jonny sharing their testimony with the youth. It was so great to see our high school students share their love for Jesus to their peers!

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, but is worthy of mentioning is the food. Victor and Nichol have been taking us to some AMAZING places to eat :)

Following another spectacular dinner tonight, we came back to our hotel and spent a little time in worship and hearing a devo from Mario Corona!


Tomorrow we are off to an area in the mountains to work with a pastor there who does lots of ministry to kids with single moms. We will be throwing a birthday party and also helping around the church doing some cleaning and painting.

With our love,

Team Mission Costa Rica