God knows

Friday was such an impactful day of ministry for our team! We went up to the mountains to minister to a group of kids and single moms. These kids live in poverty, worse than what we saw on Thursday. There is no hot water in this area and very little electricity. It was truly heartbreaking to see how these people were living, yet so incredible to see how much joy these children have.

The little things made them so happy and people on the team were so impacted by that. We live with such excess and to see how these children were happy to just run around, play soccer, eat some candy and cupcakes was a real breath of fresh air.

Both our bus driver and a couple other people said that even the Costa Rican people don’t travel to this area of the country. It reminded us that even though people don’t know or care about these people and their conditions, the Lord knows them and loves them. It was so special to be able to play with them and love on them. We threw a birthday party that included a pinata and some cupcakes which was a hit! One of the things that we also did while we were there was put up some dry wall and paint the dry wall for a building (a room that isn’t very big) for a church!

Following our time in the mountains we came back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. As we came back to our bus, Victor had some amazing news for our team. Our bus driver, Roy, who has been driving us around every day since we have arrived, prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Our team was overjoyed and all expressed how happy we were for him as we loaded the bus. At dinner, we got Roy a piece of cake for dessert to celebrate his spiritual birthday! It turns out that Roy wasn’t even supposed to be our bus driver, but God had this perfect plan in place for Roy and for our team. Praise God, what a special day of ministry it was for Mission Costa Rica!

Here is a picture of our new brother in Christ!


We are leaving the hotel shortly to go minister to more kids in a different slum. We are expecting anywhere from 70-100 kids today! Praying that the Lord would continue to move powerfully in and through our team, all for His glory!