Ministering to the Disabled

Sorry for the late post! Yesterday our team had the blessing of ministering to disabled adults. We went to a place called AIPED and got to sing songs, do crafts, do animal balloons and just love on the people there. We also sanded and painted some of the metal gates and bars that protect the windows.

It was such a fun time as they were so happy to hang out with us and laugh and sing. The people there sang us a few songs as a thank you, and that was such a sweet moment. One of the highlights for the people we ministered to was the pizza lunch that we got to serve them! They loved the pizza!

Every single person on our team was touched by the joy these people had. It was so infectious and being able to spend time with them gave the team such a great perspective on life!

Following our time at AIPED, Victor took us to a coffee plantation where our team was able to try, and buy, coffee. It was really cool to see the different stages of the coffee bean and how it is processed before it is available for purchase.

After a wonderful dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, we came back and had a time of worship and a devotional. Being able to spend time in God’s word together has been so sweet and very much needed for our team! Following that, we prepped 100 sandwiches and our crafts and materials for our outreach today! We are off to the slums to minister to about 100 kids and youth. Pray for us and for God to move in mighty ways.

All for His glory!

Mission Costa Rica Team