Hard at Work

Today, our team had the blessing of working at the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) base in Heredia. It was such an awesome day as we were able to help in a variety of ways. Some people scraped rust off of roofs before painting them. Others dug trenches, moved rocks and gravel as they prepared the foundation for draining ditches. Some of the team did landscaping, including the removal of trees and trimming. A few others helping weed in the garden.

We were blessed with really good weather, cool and cloudy with a nice breeze most of the time!

It was definitely a long day of hard work, but such a blessing to come along side of this ministry as they equip people to send out on to the mission field.

One of the biggest compliments was given by one of the YWAM people who commented on how hard working our team was and how they didn’t need to be pushed to work. What a testament that is to the team and their heart to serve the Lord in any capacity!

Below are some pictures from our day on the YWAM ranch :)

Tomorrow we will be heading to minister to some adults with disabilities! Pray for us as some of the team members will be sore from all of the labor today :)

Good night from Costa Rica!