Two for one

Sorry about the lack of a blog post yesterday!

This post we be a recap of our Sunday and Monday here in Costa Rica!

Our Sunday started off with church! We went to the church that Victor, Nichol and Keila attend and it was such a sweet experience. While not too many of the team members speak Spanish, the worship team did 2 songs we were familiar with so it was cool to hear the songs sung in a different language.


Following church and lunch, we headed back to church and went to the park for some evangelism!

We headed out in groups to invite people to hear some music, watch a skit, and have their nails painted or get animal balloons!

After we had invited people over, Miss Becky and her sidekick Cosmo did a few tricks for the kids. Hunter, Danielle and Sara sang a worship song in Spanish and then Danielle led our drama team in a short skit.

It started to rain, so we weren’t out at the park as long as we had thought we would be, but we headed back to church and had a sweet time of worship with our team and some of the people from the church!

Some of our sweetest times together have been on the bus!


Monday was a free day for us and we headed off to La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. It was absolutely incredible to see such beauty. La Paz is located in the rainforest and is kind of like a small zoo that has walking paths to waterfalls.

We saw large predatory cats, butterflies, birds, snakes, monkeys, frogs and sloths!


Its crazy to think that tomorrow is our last day here in Costa Rica! We are having a day of worship and reflection. We will also be baptizing Roy, our bus driver, and his wife, Laura! Our whole team is super excited about this!

Thanks for following our trip! We can’t wait to be home and tell you all about how God moved in and through us!