God's Power Saves

Today was the final day of the Summer Fun Program, a day that our team was both looking forward to, but also had everyone feeling a little sad. We have grown to love these kids in these 5 days that the Lord has given us here. We looked forward to this day from the time we talked about what we would be doing here in Japan. From the beginning stages of planning, even before we had our theme, we knew that we would be sharing the gospel today and giving the kids an invitation to receive Christ in their hearts.

Today’s lesson was God’s Power Saves and the verse of the day was John 3:16. Mikey got to teach the lesson today to the kids and gave them all an opportunity to pray Jesus in to their hearts as they were at his and Michelle’s station. At the end of the day, Pastor Ryan gave a second invitation to the whole group. 15 kids made a decision to receive Jesus in to their hearts today!!! Our prayer is to connect them with Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa and that they would continue to go to church and grow in their faith!


After such a great day closing out the Summer Fun Program, our team had a great night as well. On Friday nights at the church, the people gather to have dinner, a Bible study, and fellowship. Tonight, Janine cooked a wonderful meal for everyone and Vicente shared a great word on being a reflection of Jesus by how we are to serve in every aspect of our lives.

Tomorrow is an off day for the team! One of the Alvarado’s neighbors will be coming over in the morning to dress the girls in yukatas, summer festival clothing. We will then head out for a ramen lunch and then walk around an old city, Kawagoe. It should be a really fun day and I know our team is looking forward to it. Everyone is pretty drained from all Summer Fun Program, and the heat, but we are all looking forward to getting to see a little Japanese culture in this old city.