Japanese Culture

Sorry for no post yesterday!

Saturday was a free day for our team and it was spent taking in the culture of this beautiful country. In the morning, the team met at the Alvarado’s and one of their neighbors came over to help dress the girls. Each of the girls bought or borrowed a yukata (a summer festival outfit), so this neighbor was kind enough to come over and help each of the girls get dressed. Janine did each of the girls hair and everyone looked incredible! It is festival season here in Japan, so there are many people out and about in their yukata’s.


After everyone was getting done, we headed off for a cultural experience with food. We had some incredible ramen! Even though it is crazy hot and humid here, ramen was the perfect meal! One thing that has been said by a couple of the people on the team has been how good all the food has been!


Although a nap sounded great after a big lunch, the team headed off to Kawagoe. This is an old city that has really old buildings that were so cool to see! We got to walk around, do a little shopping and partake of their tasty food! The city is known for their sweet potatoes and snacks. The team shared a bag of thinly sliced fried sweet potatoes (basically chips) that are to be dipped in butter before being eaten. Then almost everyone got ice cream at some point! It was such a fun experience!

To cap off our cultural day, we had dinner at…McDonald’s! We did a lot of walking and just grabbed something quick so we could get back to the places we are staying at a decent hour. Sundayis a big day for us as we have invited all the kids from the Summer Fun Program to the Summer Festival. We are praying many show up and can get connected to the church here at Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa. Also, tomorrow night, our team will be spending some time with the youth of the church and that should be a really fun night!

Sunday Recap:

We had a great Sunday here in Tokorozawa! Our team went to church this morning and most of our team helped put on a Summer Festival for the kids. 3 kids from the Summer Fun Program came to church, so that was a huge blessing!

We had a great time of fellowship after church. It is really cool to see the people hang out after church and just spend time talking and eating and being together.

Following church, the team got to spend some time with the youth of Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa. We had another cultural experience as we went out for karaoke! It was so fun to sing and be together. There is something about the experience of being in a karaoke room together that really lets people’s walls down. 2 hours of karaoke went by so fast!

Tomorrow (Monday) we are having a day for the kids of Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa. We have some games and crafts and snacks and songs planned for them! It should be a really sweet time with these kiddos!