Service with a Smile

Monday here in Japan started off with our team hosting a special day for the kids that attend Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa. It is a small group of girls, so the team planned some really fun things for them. We played games with them, did worship, created an awesome cross as a craft, made tasty treats and talked to them about the history of Calvary Chapel and how God can work through people who are willing to listen and obey the Lord’s leading on their life. The highlight for the girls was the scavenger hunt around the church. The girls were so excited to find the next item as the clues were read off! It was such a sweet day as we have gotten to spend time with these kids at the Summer Fun Program and at church as well. Hopefully they felt loved with this time we had for them.


Monday evening we went to Shibuya, the busiest intersection in the world! It is absolutely crazy. Once the light turns green for the pedestrians, people are walking in every different direction. It’s so easy to be swallowed up by the crowd. Our team had fun crossing and watching people, and the Alvarado’s got to spend some time taking some family pictures in the city. One of the really cool things about this part of Tokyo was the official Olympic store! We stopped by the store and picked up some souvenirs for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

Tuesday morning, the girls spent time with Janine and the girls and the guys went off to breakfast with Pastor Travis. It was a great morning for both groups as the girls got to just spend some quality time together and the guys got to talk to Pastor Travis about life here in Japan as well as talk a little bit about our time and experience here.

In the afternoon, the guys helped move stuff out of a home of a man who just recently lost his wife. We got to meet this gentleman at church and it was a huge blessing to him to have our guys help him to move stuff out of his home.

Tonight, our team went off to Ikebukuro to have dinner. We went to have sushi, but both restaurants we checked had a 2 hour wait! A lot of people are off of work this week due to Obon, a Japenese Buddhist custom that honors the spirits of their family ancestors. Due to the large crowds of people, we ended up at a different restaurant with great delicacies such as Chicken Nuggets, Big Mac’s and french fries…the Golden Arches…aka McDonald’s! It’s all about being flexible :)


Tomorrow is our last full day here in Japan! The time has flown by and the Lord has taught each of us so much. We are so thankful for this opportunity and grateful that you have followed along with our trip and kept us lifted up in prayer! We can’t wait to get home and share all the amazing things that the Lord did in and thru us.

Not sure if we will have a post tomorrow night, but in case we don’t, we just wanted to say thank you for all of your love and support!

In His love,

Mission Japan 2019