Our Healer

We had another incredible day at the Summer Fun Program! Today we taught the story of Jesus healing the blind man as our theme was God’s Power Heals. Every morning we open with a skit that is like a teaser for the day and today’s opener was a home run. Mikey came out wearing a blanket wrapped around him and as Chellie was sharing, he interrupted her by sneezing really loudly! Hiding under his blanket was a spray bottle and every time he sneezed, he would spray the bottle and the kids went crazy!

This led right in to our station work and the kids were off for a fun filled day of learning about Jesus’ power to heal. The craft that went along with our story today was making slime, representing the mud that Jesus put over the man’s eyes. The kids absolutely loved the craft and it was a perfect way to remind them about the story at this station. Today’s game saw the kids blindfolded and touching different objects with the blindfold on to try and figure out what they were. The snacks were super cute! The team put raisins inside marshmallows and then stuck them inside a plastic cup so when people look at the cup, it looked like eyeballs! At the lesson station, kids got to make sunglasses which was really fun!


Some of the kids missed the day yesterday and when our team reviewed the lessons over the last few days, the kids who missed Wednesday wanted to hear about what they missed. It was so sweet to hear the kids wanting to know the story that they missed.

We are so excited for tomorrow as we get to teach God’s Power Saves. We are also sad that the week has gone by so fast, and that our time with the kiddos is almost over!

Tonight, our team was treated to an incredible meal! One of the Alvarado’s neighbors came to the church and cooked us a homemade meal. She brought fresh sashimi, noodles, a beef and potato soup and we finished our meal off with all kinds of vegetable tempura. This was such a sweet night for us, but also a time to be a light to their neighbor. She is not a believer, but is so sweet and helpful. Her daughter has been attending the Summer Fun Program, and both of her girls will be coming on Sunday to our Summer Festival. The opportunities God has been giving us to minister to people has been such a sweet blessing!