A Firey Tuesday

Today was day 2 of the Summer Fun Program and it was an awesome day! Our theme today was God Protects and we taught the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. The kids seem to be having lots of fun and are learning a ton!

The kids made a fiery furnace using a coffee cup and had 3 people and a flame on the inside and a door that they could open and close. It was a really cute craft that was perfect for our story! At the lesson station, the kids had different colored tissue paper that were colors of fire and they got to throw it over Mikey at the end of the story!

Although it has only been 2 days, it has been so much fun seeing the kids become more comfortable around our team! A big praise report is that a lot of these kids are new to the Summer Fun Program, as they have been invited by kids who have come in past years!

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when one of the kids told Pastor Travis that he was going to be too old to attend the program next year, but that he would love to come back and help out!

After all the kids left, we had a really good debrief time. This time allows us to talk about what went well and what we can improve for the next day. We already saw the fruit of this time as we implemented some ideas today from our debrief on Monday after the first day.

Tonight, we split off in to two groups. We had a girls night out and a boys night out. Janine took all the girls, including the 3 kids out to dinner for tonkatsu, shopping, and dessert. Some of the girls bought yukata’s, a summer type of kimono that the Japanese ladies would wear to a festival. The girls will be rocking these on Saturday as we go out to an old Japanese town.


The boys went a different direction and went to see the local baseball team, the Seibu Lions. It was such a fun experience as we got to ride the train to the stadium and experience a Japanese baseball game. The fans and the overall atmosphere of the game is incredible. Drums and other instruments being played, and the fans just completely invested. We can’t imagine what a game would be like if they were winning!


Needless to say, we all had such an incredible day and are so excited to see the kids tomorrow for day 3!