Kick Off of the Summer Fun Program

Today was day 1 of the Summer Fun Program at Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa! The program was filled up to max capacity, and 30 young kids would be entrusted to us as they walked through the church doors!

The theme of the program is Power Up and we used a Super Mario Bros. as an inspiration. Today’s lesson was on David and Goliath. The kids loved the story and our team was so creative in the ways that we were able to teach the story, but also reteach the story as they went through each station.

We have a total of 5 stations: Writing, Speaking, Reading, Lesson, and Craft. We also have worship at the beginning and end of our day. The kids go through 3 stations after worship, then have lunch. After lunch, the kids play a game before going to their last 2 stations.

For today’s craft, the kids got to color and decorate their own paper slingshot. In the speaking station, they got to practice their theme verse which was part of 2 Samuel 17:47, “The battle is the Lord’s.” After practicing speaking their verse, they got jellybeans which represented David’s stones! The game was a hit today! Kids got to shoot marshmallow’s out of homemade shooters! Their goal was to get them in to bowls that were placed on a table. It was such a creative way to remind the kids about David’s slingshot!

We had a great first day, and after all the kids were gone, the team had a really sweet time to debrief and talk about some things to make tomorrow even better! It is such a blessing to see how hard our team is working and how much energy and love are being poured out on to these kids!


Janine made our team an incredible fried rice dinner tonight! The food here has been excellent, but having a homemade meal was such a huge blessing!

Aside from a great first day at the Summer Fun Program, today was a big day for the Alvarado family! Today, they were blessed with a brand new electric bike! Having 2 little girls and living 20-25 minutes away from church by foot, this bike will allow them to get not only to church, but around town much more efficiently. It was fun to see how much the girls loved their new bike!