Hitting the Ground Running

Our team met at church on Thursday at 630 AM and headed off to LAX! After a long flight, we arrived in Tokyo a little after 3 PM on Friday. After hanging out at the airport for a few hours, we took about a 2 and a half hour bus ride to Tokorozawa where Vicente was waiting for us, arriving just after 9 PM. It was a long day!!!


Today we took a trip down to a shallow river/stream where we had an all church picnic and one of the youth’s from Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa got baptized. It was a great first day for the team as we got to experience the weather (it is HOT and HUMID) and meet some of the people from the church.

Here in Japan, the Alvarado’s walk, ride their bike, or take public transportation everywhere. With our team here, it is no different and we got to experience the each mode of transportation today. The girls are all staying at the church with Pastor Travis’ daughter, Erika. The boys are staying at Pastor Travis’ home and the Young’s are staying with the Alvarado’s.

Each day we will be meeting at the church, so the guys, the Alvarado’s and the Young’s are going to be putting some miles on their legs!

Tomorrow we are off to church! Pastor Ryan will be teaching at Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa and Amy and Michael will be helping out with the children’s ministry. After church, we’ll spend some time with the congregation and have lunch together before we spend the rest of our afternoon preparing for our Summer Fun Program (VBS)!