Off to Japan

Tomorrow morning, our team will be headed off to Japan!

We would love you to join us in prayer! Here are our prayer requests:


- boldness to share my faith personally

- protection from spiritual attacks

- strength and energy to get through the days 


- be used mightily by God

- not be discouraged by failure, but instead be flexible with Gods plans

- be an encouragement to others


- for unity across the whole team! 

- that the Lord guides me and helps me to be able to fully communicate and translate in Japanese

- for the people in Japan that they don’t disassociate themselves from Jesus bc our God is the same there in Japan and here in America 

- for my paternal family to visit Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa and come to know Christ


-pray for patience ( for myself, the team, the kids)

-pray for flexibility 

-pray against spiritual, mental, and emotional attacks from Satan

-pray for a willing heart to follow God’s will for the team and the ministry 


- that we would be filled with the Spirit and bold in sharing 

- that the kids would feel the love of Christ through us

- travel mercies

- that Janine & Vicente would be blessed by our team


- jet lag/ that we'd have energy to minister effectively

- for boldness to share with others and start conversations

- for seeds to be planted

-for God to show up in ways we're not expecting


- That the Gospel would go forth with boldness! That each child who comes to the Summer Fun Program (and anybody we come in contact with) would not only hear about Jesus but understand they NEED Him in their hearts and accept Him! 

- Protect our team and church from spiritual attacks!

- That our team would be united in one body, mind and spirit on this trip. 

- That each and everything I do glorify God and be an offering to Him! I want people I interact with to hear about God, know His love, feel His presence and receive Him! 


- That I would point people to Christ! 

- That I would transition well to the new time and schedule. 

- That I would glorify Christ in all that I do! 


- That God would protect our team spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

- God would be glorified through my teaching on Sunday morning at Calvary Chapel Tokorozawa

- Salvation of souls!


We will be posting daily updates from Japan and cannot wait to share all the things that the Lord does in and thru our team!

In His love,

Our Mission Japan Team