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In the midst of traveling to Costa Rica and Japan this summer, I've seen God's incredible power at hand. I've seen His love, His grace, His mercy, and His beauty in these 2 very different parts of the world.

What I have also seen is how the power of the gospel transforms lives. In 1 Peter 1, Peter opens his letter writing about the inheritance that awaits believers. An inheritance which he says is:

1. Imperishable

2. Undefiled

3. Will not fade away

4. Reserved for you (believers) in heaven

As I think about eternity and this list that Peter gives to us, how can I not want to share that with others who do not know him?!? So often people, even Christians, live their lives straining and stressing to fulfill their lives with things that are perishable. Yet we are reminded by Jesus that what He has for us neither rust nor moth will destroy.

Jesus Christ is our living hope and as He gives us breath, He gives us opportunity. Opportunity to share a love and a life, an eternal love and an eternal life that can only be found in Him.

As the summer comes to a close and the school year is getting ready to begin, I can't help but think about the opportunities that might lie ahead. Whether or not you're in school, working full time, or in a time of transition, this time that you have is precious. It is precious because it is a gift from God. So what will we do with our time?

I pray that the imperishable, undefiled, never fading away, gift of eternal life that is reserved for you by Jesus through His shed blood on the cross is one that pushes you to serve Him like you've never served Him, and share Him like you've never shared Him before.