Life Changes.jpg

Life. Changes.

Sometimes we get into a mode as Christians that things are going to be streamlined. We are going to go to school to become something we have dreamed of becoming, then we are going to go on to be great in that profession and honor God, and that’s going to be where we find out meaning. Or so we think.

Sometimes God changes our lives. He has a whole plan for each and every one of us, and sometimes that doesn’t match the perfect plan that we have. Or, in some instances, God calls you to something, only to seemingly pull it out from under you.

When I think of this topic, I can’t help but think of Pastor Mike Swanson.

He lived his life up until he was in his 20s in rebellion, but God saved him in a way that only God could. From then on he devoted himself to God in every way that he could, and that resulted in him becoming a pastor. He felt the call of God to become a missionary in Ireland, and believed that God had called him there. Everything was going according to plan, then one day he went to the doctor, finding out he had a rare form of cancer. So much for “everything going according to plan.”

It would be so easy for Mike, and honestly anyone else, to get deeply discouraged in this situation. But God orchestrated Mikes life to the glory of Himself. Pastor Mike has left a lasting legacy in not only our church, but in the hearts of so many.

The Bible says that His ways are higher than our ways. Though in an earthly perspective, we may see this as a let down for Mike, but God had a perfect plan for Mike’s life even though he died young. That will forever be hard to grasp, but we must remember that God is sovereign over all things, and he truly has the BEST plan for our lives.

Be encouraged, no matter what you are doing now, no matter the changes are happening in your life, whether good or bad, that God is using it to bring you closer to Himself.