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Sometimes in our lives as Christians, we find ourselves telling God that if he would only change (fill in the blank here) then we could serve Him that much better.

“If only I could sing, then I could serve God on the worship team!”

“If only I was rich, then I could serve God through my tithes and hospitality”

“If only I was famous, so I could always be on TV talking about God’s greatness!”

You get the point, but that’s just how we are in our day and age.

But, I truly think that God has each and everyone of us where we are for a reason. You work where you work for a reason. You serve where you serve for a reason. Don’t overlook that! This is something I have to tell myself on a daily basis because sometimes I feel like I don’t fit where I am, but every time I do, God softly reminds me I’m right where he wants me through His Word and through affirmation from other believers around me.

So I want to encourage you to stop looking for a way out of your current situation, and try to find the reason that God has you where you are.

God has a plan!