I am getting married this weekend. Wow. It’s so crazy to think that both my life and Brittany’s lives are about to change and we will both have a “new normal.”

It got me thinking about commitment this week, more than ever. On Sunday we are going to make vows and we are going to commit to each other for the rest of our lives. That is a very meaningful and deep commitment.

What I began to wonder about though, as I am about to make this commitment to Brittany, how is my commitment to what God has called me to? How committed am I to my relationship with Him?

This seriously convicted me. I have been so stressed and so busy worrying about a plethora of things that come along with planning a wedding, though Brittany has done most of the work, that I honestly in some respects put my relationship with God on the back-burner.

So, with all that being said, commitment to the Word of God and to Christ Himself should be MUCH more important then any other commitment you have, even to your spouse, because without a deep and true relationship with Christ, you cannot lead your spouse in a relationship, because we are to run after Christ together. I’m telling this more to myself than anyone else.

May we never forget our most important commitment to Christ above all else, and not allow the enemy to side-track us with less important commitments.

(p.s SUPER hyped to get married)