Confidence in Christ.jpg

For many of us, confidence isn’t something that comes naturally. We have a ceiling in our head for things we can and cannot do for God, or in general.

This is not something that is new to our time, we read in the Bible of many different stories of men of God not having the courage immediately following a direct command from God to do what He asks or demands.

An example of this is Gideon. He was self described as basically a nobody, and he was told by God that he would use him to rise up against their oppressors. Gideon, instead of trusting God that it was going to be His strength, and not his own that would save the Israelites, asked for a bunch of signs, and even then was fearful of his role in the saving of Israel.

Personally I struggle in a similar way. Many of the things that I do on a regular basis that God has called me to, I still after so many years, struggle to see why God has me doing those things. Instead of having confidence in God and what he has called me to, I instead think to myself that I can’t do what He is asking me to do.

But, with all that being said, the beauty of these kind of situations is that God is still faithful to use us! He still used Gideon for a great work, and even though I still struggle from time to time with the things God has put in my path to do, God uses me to continue the work he is doing at Calvary Chapel.

What a blessing it is, to serve a God who, with all our shortcomings, will still call us and empower us to change the world for the sake of Christ.

Remember that as you go about your day. I pray that remembering that a perfect God chooses to use imperfect people to impact the world for His name is such an incredible blessing to you as you continue to seek Christ!