Keep On Keeping On

A devotional by Nathan Deck


Our lives are not always easy. For most of us, we are so blessed to have jobs and have a place to live here in the most prosperous country in the world. Even with that being true it is easy for us to take that for granted. Even though that can be true for a lot of us, there are some of us who are going through a really hard time. Regardless of if it is financial, emotional, or physical, we know that God is always with us. 

Now it is so easy to say that, but very hard to hold onto it and keep that close to home when going thru a tough time. But, that is why we have so many examples of how we ought to stand up in those times of trial and stress. A great example of this is Daniel in the lion’s den. He did absolutely nothing wrong, yet it almost seemed like he was being punished for doing good. He is thrown before lions, and all was seemingly over to everyone who knew about the event, everyone but Daniel himself. He goes in knowing that the Lord’s will was going to be done, and that the Lord was going to be magnified in this event no matter the outcome, and he came out alive and was a testament to the faithfulness of God. 

All that to say, you may not think of your tough time as something that you deserve, and I’m not saying that it is, but keep going! God is going to use this time to grow you, more than you can ever imagine. Grab onto Him in this time, and trust that He will carry you through it, and believe me, He will!