It goes without saying that we are incredibly blessed to be living in America. Compared to the rest of world, we are immensely wealthy even if we don’t realize it. So what are we supposed to do with all these riches? In 1 Timothy 6:17-19, Paul gives Timothy some instructions on how the rich should and should not behave.

We are first told not to be prideful. Making more money does not make us better than anyone else, and the kind of car someone drives or the clothes someone wears should not dictate who we call friends.

Second, we should not set our hopes on our money. Put bluntly, we should not have fear or disappointment when our bank accounts are low and feel at ease when they are high. As people who are just getting started in adulthood, we might daydream about when our salaries are full grown, but don’t let that be your hope. Trust in the Lord alone and thank Him for the riches He has given you now.

Finally, we are to be rich in good works – generous and ready to share. Are you willing to help people when they need it? Do you view your wealth, however big or small it may be, as a resource for others or just for yourself? Now, this is not me saying, “If you have a savings account, you’re selfish.” But when God calls us to share, no amount of wealth should ever be “off limits, except for emergencies.” If He blesses us with an opportunity to further His glory, we should take it.