Here Comes the Sun

a devotional by Justin Camacho


Last devo, I wrote about stress- how overwhelming responsibilities and conflicts make us question whether true peace is possible. But we found that when we come to Jesus to lay our troubles at His feet first, only then will we experience the peace that is promised to us. 

Now, let’s look at the flip side, because I find myself entering a different season, both literally and figuratively. Summer’s here. And since all my recent stress has come from school, pretty soon, I’m going to be care-free. There’s a lot of relief that comes with that, and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m excited to binge Netflix, watch movies, beach, squad up, sleep in on weekends, just relax and take advantage of all my free time…

The desires of my flesh remind of how messed up my priorities are. I’ve just been delivered from an immense weight and have learned so much about God’s mercy, love, and strength, and even just the thought of deliverance makes my mind wander to the things of the world. This is where I find myself encountering the danger of idle time (2 Thes 3:11). In contrast, my desperation in times of trials causes me to realize that leaning on Jesus is the only thing I can do. But in times between trials, when I may find myself with more freetime, my freewillis put to a bigger test.  

I think of a passage we all know, Romans 7:19-24, where Paul says he does the things he wills not to do. “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” he says. “I thank God- through Jesus Christ our Lord!” And go figure, our answer, once again, is Jesus. In a trial? Come to Jesus. Out of a trial? Come to Jesus. It’s a simple lesson, but we see it over and over and over again in Scripture because we so easily forget it. 

See, we don’t fight against the flesh and blood of worldly possessions- they’re nothing. But we do fight against the devil and his demons who use idle time to distract us from God’s work. And who is our only hope against the devil? Jesus. Over these past few weeks, God has shown me His power, truth, and trustworthiness, and I don’t want to forget it this time. Resting in His love and using the free time He’s graciously gifted me for His glory is far better than the bondage of worldly “rest.”