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“Praise the LORD!

For it is good to sing praises to our God;

For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.”

Psalm 147:1

The Lord is so gracious to us to reveal Himself through song. The Book of Psalms, the largest book in the Bible and maybe the most widely quoted, contains 150 of them. Beyond that, there’s hundreds – if not, thousands – of hymns from centuries ago. Even beyond that, there’s a constant influx of worship songs from churches and bands today. From the beginning of time until now, the amount praise songs written easily climbs up to at least the millions. All with a unique combination of words, melodies, and instrumentation – sung by people of all nations and in every language. 

Can there ever be an end to His praises? God is too great, too grand, too glorious to ever stop shouting His name. But often, I lose sight of the heart of worship. As I stand in a room full of people, moving my mouth to words that I already memorized, worship becomes nothing more than a formality. Sadly, I miss out on all gifts that come from a sincere heart of loving worship.  

When I sing with a heart of worship, I’m edified in my words. I realize the fact that worship is just a simple, intimate prayer. And I take hold of the power that comes from speaking the name of Jesus causing even the demons to tremble. 

All that to say, the gifts of God are truly bountiful. Praise takes infinitely many different forms in our lives. Lately, God has shown me again the riches of praise through song. If anything, it prepares us for the day when we will sing as a multitude for eternity.