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In this stage in our lives, there’s a lot of pressure to be great. We get disappointed with how far we haven’t come as we measure ourselves against the achievements of Instagram influencers, young entrepreneurs, and the people who got rich off Bitcoin. We strive and hope for the perfect family, the job, the three car garage, the Tesla, the six figure salary – the list goes on, and maybe your list is different, but ultimately, we’ve all defined something as our measure of “greatness.” 

But what does the Bible have to say? I think it goes without saying that the Bible’s definitive list of greatness is much different. There are tons of examples of spiritual greatness given in the word. Right off the bat, three things from this list come to mind: love, servitude, and obedience.  

Love. It is the greatest fruit of the Spirit. Without love, we have nothing. Without love, there would never be eternal life. Strive to be people who love each other and love the lost. By this, the world will see that we are different and be saved. 

Servitude. The disciples wanted to be great in Heaven. “Who of us will be the greatest?” they asked. Jesus said “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.” What would it look like if you humbled yourself to be lower than what you think you deserve?

Obedience. Solomon had immense wisdom and unimaginable riches as king of Israel. But in Ecclesiastes, he declares everything he owns on earth as utterly meaningless. So what does man have to live for? In the closing of the book, he concludes “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all.”

How do these three things apply to you personally now? As you spend time in the word and prayer, expand this list. Strive for the things on it and follow the GREAT plans God has for you today.