If you’re anything like me, you need to set up reminders or write things down just to be able to remember to do something. If it wasn’t for phone reminders and calendars, I wouldn’t be able to get much done.

I also have a difficult time remembering certain truths in the Bible, but thankfully, God sets up reminders of what He has done for Israel and what He is doing for us throughout His Word.

When reading through the Old Testament, especially in the first 5 books, it’s common to see that the Israelites had set up a pillars of stone and they had different feasts and both ideas had their own purpose.

For the pillars, it was a visual representation of an event that had happened. For instance, when the Israelites crossed the Jordan river to enter into the land of Canaan, in Joshua 4, we saw that Joshua and one of each tribe grabbed stones from the Jordan and set them up in the place they lodged. This was to be a memorial, for the sons of Israel, of what the Lord did on the day He brought Israel into the promised land.

Another way that the Lord set up reminders for the children of Israel was by setting up the feasts. The feasts celebrated both what the Lord had done for them and a promise of what He will do. An example of this is the feast of atonement, where, in the Old Testament, the High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies and atone for the sins of the nation. Similar to this, we know that, we as believers, also have a day of atonement in that when Jesus died on the cross, the veil that separated the Holy of Holies from the temple was torn in two. At that point, Jesus became the only High Priest and it’s through His death that we have atonement of ours sins. That’s amazing! At first, this idea can be difficult to understand but we can know that it means everything to us as believers.

This is another layer that adds to the beauty of the Gospel, the beauty of the Word of God, in that, there is so much that God had laid out in His Word that continues to expound further and further upon its truths to show us God’s master plan of the Gospel. We can be reminded, as believers, that we have these truths, these pillars to our faith that are shown within God’s Word so that we don’t have to rest in ourselves. We can dig into the Word daily, we can dig into the Word when our faith is tested, and we can dig into the Bible whenever someone questions what we believe. This doesn’t come in an instant, but it’s something that we need to devote ourselves to throughout our lives here on earth.