Summer Retreat 2017

This was our second year going to San Diego. Same house and same weekend, but honestly it still felt new. We had almost a completely new group with us this year and it was refreshing to see new relationships forming this weekend as we spent time together doing different activities. 


We started the weekend meeting in the gym at church at 9am. We spent some time packing up everyones things, and then we were off. 

We stopped at Chick-fil-a in La Mesa for lunch and then headed straight up to the house. 


We spent most of our time the first day in the house, hiding from the 100 degree heat outside. Some of us played games and others went swimming in the pool. The living room was pretty much the place to be throughout the weekend and where most of activities took place when we were in the house. 



On Saturday and Sunday we spent some time at the beach. The first day we went down to Torrey Pines State Reserve and hiked down about 20 minutes to the beach. There we heard a word from Jacob on Trusting God and he brought up story about his trip to Ireland to cement his point. The next day we went down to Mission Bay and spent some time soaking in the sun. We heard from Cam on how we must obey the Lord but not beat ourselves up if we don't find ourselves obeying every command that we hear from God. He brought up the life of Abraham to drive home his point. 

We also heard from Ryan every night of the trip, and every teaching went together with the devotionals of the day. God did mighty things and it was awesome to see. 


One of the most powerful times of the trip was the baptism we did on Saturday afternoon. Amber had talked to Ryan and truly wanted to dedicate her life to Christ by being baptized on the retreat, with her friends there to see. Rachel also wanted to be baptized with her friends present as well. It was incredible to hear their stories that describe what brought them to the moment they decided they wanted to take a stand to publicly proclaim their want of a personal, one on one relationship with God. 


Overall, I personally believe this retreat was a success. We spent time together in fellowship, we dug into Hebrews together as a group, and we got to eat some incredible food, all thanks to the planning of Ryan and Chellie. We pray that this retreat has a lasting effect on those who attended and we hope that next year will be even better!


"Therefore, since we also have such a large cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us lay aside every hindrance and the sin that so easily ensnares us. Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus, the source and perfecter of our faith. For the joy that lay before him, he endured the cross, despising the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Hebrews 12:1-2

Ireland From My Point of View

I can honestly say that everyone who went on the Ireland trip enjoyed their time serving and spending time in a foreign country together. I can also say that the trip was a success. With that being said, I believe everyone has their own view of how everything went and how they felt the most used and I want to share about the trip from my vantage point.

Starting out I have to be honest, I was very, very stressed. 

I had been on three mission trips to Costa Rica as a teenager so I wasn't really stressed over the thought of ministry overseas. What I was afraid of was all my responsibilities. On all those other trips I was just a team member, doing whatever I was told, but on this trip I was put over certain areas and also stretched beyond what I thought I was capable. 

I was put in charge of leading worship on Sundays for the Church, and also to teach in front of a bunch of youth. 

Now, though I lead worship a lot here at IGNITED, I have to be honest, I still get extremely nervous. It is hard to psych myself up enough to do it, and now I had to figure all that out here in a foreign country. 

Looking back now that we are back and it's all finished, I can say that it was not as hard as I seemed to build it up to be. For the most part, it went really smooth and I thought that the Lord blessed our worship.

Next, what made me stress the most was my teaching. I had never really done any kind of teaching besides a short devotion at the Summer Retreat last year leading up to this, and now I had to teach kids in Ireland for almost 40 minutes. I was so scared and nervous that it physically affected me. Throughout the trip I was almost a different person. I was even more negative then usual (yep, it's possible) and I felt like I was getting on people's nerves.

My teaching went alright though I did only talk for just under 30 minutes. After it was done I was so excited that I struggled to sleep that night because I could not believe that I actually made it through. 

I think it is important to note the ironic part of all this. I was teaching on fear. I was teaching on how to overcome the very thing that was destroying me. 

Through the whole circumstance, though I think it may have taken 20 years off my life from all the stress, in the end it was good for me, because I was able to dwell on God's Word in a different way then I usually do, and now whenever I fear I have my own teaching that I can turn to, along with others. It's funny how God works sometimes.

Overall, though I was tired and cranky some of the days on the trip, I can say wholeheartily that I enjoyed it and would go again in a heartbeat if I could.